Wedding season has begun, and the weather is finally here to greet it. Here is a snippet from last season, which I haven’t had time to write about. Life has finally delivered me to a place where work, if you can call it that, allows a little bit more time to show off my lovely clients in all their glory. Here are Syrina and Sam, in all their loveliness. A x

spring 2016It’s spring, and the sun is finally shining more regularly than not. And although we’re still having very cold days here, my therapy includes picking up my laptop and moving to the largest piece of window that faces the sun. So here I sit, cross legged on the floor, with my computer on a foot stool. My jumper has been on and off at least half a dozen times already as the clouds dance in front of the sun, but this is a negligable inconvenience. The warmth bounces off the glass and the yellow light lifts me. It’s time. A x


I’m going to try and make amends. I initially had the excuse that my website had been hacked (which it was), but now I must finally admit to being an infrequent blogger, until I can prove otherwise. The worst thing about my site being hacked was losing all my blog posts. I ‘sort of’ retrieved the text, but the images and layouts are gone forever. So, in the hope of building on my repertoire of weddings (both kids are now at school so a little bit more time!), I am going to revisit a few of these wonderful and very special occasions over the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

A x



Maybe I had seen this somewhere before, and maybe not, but I certainly didn’t plan it. It was just the sight of the entire wedding party on the stairs of the Treasury Building that inspired me to encourage them to get into the mood of the day, and give each other a bit of a kiss. Of course the bride and groom (the lovely Syrina and Sam}, didn’t have any trouble, but I was a little bit surprised when I took my eye from the lens to find nobody else was participating. So after a couple of laughs and loosening up, everyone backflipped and we came up with this. Very proud. Such a perfect day for a wedding… beautiful people, gorgeous bride, handsome groom and ever so relaxed. And I loved walking through the streets of Melbourne. Just another ordinary Saturday afternoon for most, and on exactly five years to the day they met, such a magical event for this wonderful couple. Thanks for making it a breeze. A x

cropped-DSC_2259.jpgAlthough I have lived in Victoria for more than half my life, it has taken me almost all those years to become used to the coldest winter days of this sensuous state. And although I still consider myself a Queenslander through and through, I really do mean that… Victorian seasons are delightful to every sense. The beauty of the seasons took only the hours experiencing them (albeit from inside my furnace-hot home or car), to appreciate them. Who can deny that a gust of wind that scoops up the entire street of golden sunset coloured autumn leaves, and rains them down on you like a slow motion Disney movie, is not entirely beautiful in every sense. It was.  But the temperature that accompanies at least a couple, and sometimes ALL of these seasons, is really not for my fine bone china bones.

M o r e   i n f o