once upon a time

ac01I learned to use a camera and process black and white photos at high school. I could have stayed in that darkroom forever, listening to my favourite music up loud, and witnessing the magic of an image appear right in front of my eyes for nothing more than a few agitations in a pitch black room, and tolerating the smell of sharp, vinegary fixer. Over the next (a lot) of years, I continued my photographic journey… at university, at workshops, in my own portable darkroom. Colleagues, boyfriends and house mates had the pleasure of me hijacking any small space I could find to set up my black and white circus with the red light.

A few careers and a little family later, I still love to take photos. Except these days I’ve traded my Violent Femmes cassettes for Deb Talan MP4s, my Canon FTB for a Nikon digital, and the darkroom for Lightroom.

I’m not particularly good at styled images. I prefer a blurry arm in motion or a handstand in the back garden. I’d rather discarded high heels at weddings, or an unleashed dog that just can’t keep out of the frame. And I believe it is still a wonderful thing to hold a real photo in your hand and remember the moment that makes us smile.

These days you can find me processing photos with kids screaming in the background, the dog jumping up onto any surface he shouldn’t be on, and a patient jazz violinist improvising to this crazy soundtrack!

Please get in touch if you would like to work with me on your journey. I take bookings all year round and I love to travel.

Adrienne x          0407 544 256 or contact here

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