Autumn wedding in Melbourne



Maybe I had seen this somewhere before, and maybe not, but I certainly didn’t plan it. It was just the sight of the entire wedding party on the stairs of the Treasury Building that inspired me to encourage them to get into the mood of the day, and give each other a bit of a kiss. Of course the bride and groom (the lovely Syrina and Sam}, didn’t have any trouble, but I was a little bit surprised when I took my eye from the lens to find nobody else was participating. So after a couple of laughs and loosening up, everyone backflipped and we came up with this. Very proud. Such a perfect day for a wedding… beautiful people, gorgeous bride, handsome groom and ever so relaxed. And I loved walking through the streets of Melbourne. Just another ordinary Saturday afternoon for most, and on exactly five years to the day they met, such a magical event for this wonderful couple. Thanks for making it a breeze. A x

M o r e   i n f o